Athlete of the Week

10TV and Motorists Insurance Group are sharing the success of local student athletes in our community with all of Central Ohio. We want to highlight those who achieve excellence on the field or court while also accomplishing great things in the classroom and community.

Motorists Insurance Group’s success comes from trusting relationships built on loyalty and integrity, which is the heart of who they are. 10TV and Motorists Insurance Group are committed to building up this community, because it’s our community, too.

We’d like you to share the stories of your student athlete that stand out and embody these values. Nominate a student athlete below:

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At Motorists Insurance Group, we believe the strongest businesses are the ones built on trust and accountability, and that local needs are best served by your neighbors. We are committed to leaving a lasting impression in all of the communities we serve, which is why we’re proud to support national and local causes like the Scholar Athlete Awards, Ronald McDonald House Charities and United Way.

Athlete of the Week: Olivia Cornett

Olivia Cornett is a captain with the Liberty Union High School cheerleading squad.Read more

Athlete of the Week: Quinton Burke

Quinton Burke plays left guard for the Lancaster High School football team.Read more

Athlete of the Week: Elizabeth Steffensmeier

In the classroom, she carried a 4. 27 GPA. She is also a student ambassador and she hopes to go into law school.Read more