What's Going Around: Bronchiolitis


Babies are most at risk for What's Going Around this week a pretty common lung infection that causes coughing, wheezing and makes it hard to breathe called bronchiolitis.

Take note it sounds like bronchitis but it's bronchiolitis. The respiratory syncytial virus is the most common cause of bronchiolitis. The body often responds to RSV by making a lot of mucus.

Nationwide Children's Hospital Emergency Medicine expert Dr. Mike Patrick said it triggers inflammation, labored breathing and the need for medical attention.

“Often babies start breathing faster to make up for the fact they're not moving as much air and the air can get sort of trapped down there,” Dr. Mike said. “If your baby is working very hard to breathe it seems like they're having difficulty then you definitely want them seen right away."

Bronchiolitis is a virus--antibiotics are not helpful. Supportive care options including fluids can help along with a humidifier to help loosen mucus in the airway, Dr. Mike also recommended using saline nose drops.