LeBron James mural in LA vandalized


A Los Angeles mural showing LeBron James in a Lakers uniform and calling him the “King of LA” has already been vandalized.

According to CBS Sports, a fan on Twitter offered $300 cash for the vandalization of the mural on Friday.

When asked why he issued the reward, the fan responded: “no murals until he wins a title”.

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James signed a four-year, $154 million contract with the Lakers earlier this month.

Someone followed through and spray painted several insults on the mural, including “We don’t want you,” “LEFRAUD”, “No King” and “3-6” (a reference to LeBron's career NBA Finals record).

A user on Twitter posted a video of the proof and asked for the money before deleting their account. The face who issued the reward locked his account once news broke of the vandalism.

The mural was fixed by Sunday night and the artist removed the word ‘of’ from the original design.