Hospital administrators say there's more to what you pay than just the new listed price


The new year brings new requirements for hospitals nationwide which include listing standard charges online.

On January 1, 2019, it became a federal requirement that hospitals list these prices on their websites. Central Ohio hospitals are complying but administrators say consumers should remember that similar to buying a car, no one pays the list price.

Deborah Lowe, the Administrator for Revenue Cycle at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, said the federal requirements are just a starting point.

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She pointed out that because every insurance company has its own negotiated rates with every institution and employer, a list price may not always be helpful in choosing whether you are going to have a procedure or service performed.

Hospitals across Central Ohio are usually in competition and have found common ground on this issue in that administrators are urging patients to call their insurance provider, health care provider and even special designated pricing lines for more information.

OhioHealth told 10TV that it had embraced the government's requirements and added the new OhioHealth Price Line for consumers to call with questions.

OhioHealth said this in a statement:

“Consumers can call the Price Line to find out what their estimated, out-of-pocket costs will be for a service based on their own personal insurance plan and even where they stand in their deductible."

OSU Wexner’s pricing list can be found here.