Holiday tradition goes beyond bringing cheer to patients at Nationwide Children’s Hospital


COLUMBUS, Ohio — For many at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the holidays can be a tough time. Staff there want to help those patients both heal and enjoy the magic that the season brings.

One of the ways workers in the inpatient rehabilitation unit do that is by making Christmas cookies with a few of the patients, like Jana, who enjoys baking in her spare time at home.

“I’m really determined to learn how to do some of the [exercises] and so I can do more on my own, I guess,” Jana said. “I like to learn.”

Patients come to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital inpatient rehabilitation unit to work on the skills needed to get back to their everyday lives.

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In occupational therapy, patients often work with their hands on fine motor skills, according to a therapist with the hospital.

Making cookies is a great way to do that because it requires using the hands and strengthening the fine motor skills they work on. Baking cookies proved to do just that for Jana.

“I was a little tired before but doing this is more fun and I think I have a break after this so that will be good,” she said.

Most patients spend about two to four weeks in the unit.

This holiday season, over 100,000 patients will visit Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Those patients will be cared for, regardless of their ability to pay for their care.

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