Citizen patrollers working extra hours to keep families safe during Boom!


COLUMBUS, Ohio - “It is a very busy night for us,” says Jake Baker, one of 6 citizen patrollers from Community Crime Patrol (CCP) that will be picking up extra shifts during Red, White and Boom.

“Probably the busiest night for us as a patrol just because of the amount of people there around Genoa park,” he adds.

CCP is a non-profit crime prevention organization that deploys teams to half a dozen neighborhoods around Columbus. They normally don’t patrol on Tuesday nights, but Executive Director Ellen Moore Griffin says the organization partners with Columbus Division of Police on special events, such as Red, White and Boom.

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“We’re thinking the best strategy is to get people out into those feeder areas where people leave from all the traffic,” says Griffin. “It’s important to send our crews to the perimeter, to remote parking lots perhaps to keep parked cars safe and watch for break-ins and also get people home safely.”

Brittany Doyle has worked with CCP as a citizen patroller for 6 years.

“You can usually tell when people are staring at the sky looking at pretty colors compared to someone saying, 'Oh, I’m going to check out this car or that car,'” she says. “We keep an eye on the outskirts, where cars are parked where people have wandered off too.”

CCP will send teams to neighborhoods surrounding downtown Columbus, such as Merion Village, German Village and Franklinton.

“We’re extra eyes and ears for the police and we observe and report any suspicious activity or criminal activity,” Griffin says.

According to Columbus Police reports online, CrimeTracker10 uncovered 23 incidents that happened in the downtown area between July 3-4, 2017. They include 11 assaults, 5 car break-ins, 4 criminal damaging, 2 burglaries, and 1 kidnapping.

“Just be smart,” says Baker, who enjoys working the annual fireworks show. “If you’re drinking, know your limit. Have a good time and try to be as safe as possible.”

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