Beating heart disease to the punch


Heart disease and diabetes run in her family, so Lisa Scanlon wanted to get in better shape -- not only to lose weight but to live her best, healthy life.

When her doctor revealed some alarming numbers, she knew it was time to get serious and commit to be fit.

Lisa Scanlon may look like a powerhouse now but that wasn't always the case.

"When I first started, I was about 240 lbs. And I would go straight to the corner of the studio just because I was afraid," Lisa Scanlon said. "I was literally the biggest person in the club at that time, so I would just go and try to hide, do my hour and kind of sneak out."

With a family history of heart disease and diabetes, getting to the gym wasn't just about weight loss -- it was about survival.

"I had went to the doctor, I was 286 lbs, my cholesterol was 272, I was in my mid-30s, I was on blood pressure medicine already, and he said Lisa, we have to do something very serious here soon. And I said you're right," Scanlon said.

The doctor's answer was cholesterol medicine.

Lisa's answer was healthy eating and exercise.

"It's taken me two years to lose 120 lbs the right way," Scanlon said.

The more weight she lost, the more confident she became.

But more importantly, she's now medication-free and feeling better than ever.

"My husband and my kids are a huge inspiration because I wanna be here for them," Scanlon said. "Having a grandma that died at 54, I just think its so young, and I'm now hitting in my 40s and, I don't wanna be that person."

Getting fit takes time. It doesn't happen overnight. Lisa's advice? "don't give up!"

"A lot of people in your life, no matter what, tell you that you can't," Scanlon said.

"Do things and there's been people who have told me you can't and I get those people in my head and I think, you know what? I did it," Scanlon said. "And I'm still doing it. And I'm gonna keep doing it."

Lisa Scanlon is living proof that if you commit to be fit and change your lifestyle, you can change your life.

She's now teaching her kids the value of healthy eating and the benefits of exercise.